Has it really been that long?  Sorry haven't made a report in a while.  I'm still here and still as busy as ever guiding.  2020 was a tough year for us all.  2021 turned out to be a really good year, up until Nov.  Had to shut it down early this year.  I know a lot of my clients know I had prostate cancer and had to have surgery Nov 3rd to remove my prostate and surrounding items.  They feel they got it all, but time will tell.  Dr Lee was fantastic.  I wanted to make a report with just some of the bigger bass of 2021.  Can't post all the pics.  I do also post pics on my Facebook and Instagram  pages for my guide service.  I'm looking forward to a really good 2022.  Starting off the year again down on Choke Canyon for a little over a month.  Then back to Ray Roberts in time for that fun jerkbait bite, that produces so many big fish for us.  Already booking up pretty good for the spring, so don't wait to long to book.

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