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July 3rd, 2017

Hard to believe it is July already.  Boy has this year has flown by.  Been crazy busy too.  Make sure you check my facebook guide service page for updates.  Post pictures and such on there much more here lately.  

Lake Ray Roberts is in pretty good shape.  We are just a tad low and the water looks pretty good all over the lake.  Starting to see some grass coming back.  That's a really good thing.  I hope it takes off again.  It was really thick in places before the floods the last couple years.  Still seeing very few zebra mussels.  That's another good thing.  

The black fishing right now isn't all that great, even though there are still some big fish being caught.  Just doesn't mean there are a lot of fish being caught.  Kind of typical July/summer type deal.  The sand bass/white bass on the other hand are going crazy.  We have had some incredible spawns for them also.  The topwater bite is on big time.  Just have to run around to find them, cause it seems like the big school is in a different spot each day.  So be ready to burn some gas, unless you get lucky and find the big school early.  Clear baby torpedo will get you about as many fish as you want to catch.  Just have to weed thru some little ones to get the keepers.  The same is going for the crappie too.  Just have to weed thru all the little ones to get the keepers.  We have more little crappie now, than I think we ever have had.  Boads well for the future.  






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