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February 4th, 2017

Can't believe it is almost spring.  Getting real busy for me is right around the corner.  Just got back from a couple weeks on Lake Falcon.  I have always enjoyed going down there.  This time was no different, except the fishing was off compared to last couple years.  The weather just killed us.  Those fish down there don't like 59 degree water temps.  The wind was brutal most days.  Did get a couple really nice days though.  Even though the numbers were not there for us, we did get some better fish for sure and one personal best for a client.  David's personal best before was 8lbs.  He caught a 9 1/2 lb beauty, then followed it up the next day with a 8lb 10oz fish.  So really he had two better than his previous best.  Fun times for sure.  We had a couple other 8's and some 7's, but not much other.  As usual down there we needed to find rock.  The lake is down 32 feet, so a lot of the rock was on the bank that we normal fish.  There was still ton to be fished though.  For me the most consistent bite was the shallower off shore rock.  Even as shallow as 4 feet, on some humps with rock.  6XD and Carolina rigs provided most of the better bites, but the biggest came on a trap.  Not something you think of when you think of Falcon, but I have done very well down there in the past around shallow rock before on traps.  Worked out great for David this time. 


Roberts is in great shape to start the year.  The lake is at normal pool.  Let's hope for no floods this year! 


Make sure you check out my guide service page on Facebook, as I post pics and updates on there more often. 


Thanks again as always.  2016 was my second busiest year guiding and it is cause of you guys.  Thanks.





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